For one moment in history, she is the world's most powerful woman. Devious, dangerous  and entrancingly beautiful, she controls a kingdom while swaying an empire. She is Queen of the Nile. She is Egypt. She is CLEOPATRA.

Claudette Colbert is perfectly cast in the title role - deadly and fascinating. In arguably her best role, Colbert is one of the legendary actresses who could hold her own without being swallowed by the lavish costumes and sets which fill her every scene. This is not to say she runs away with the entire film, however. Her male co-stars more than hold their own. A much underrated actor, Henry Wilcoxon as Marc Antony is excellent & shows what he would have been capable of in other roles if given the chance. In what amounts to little more than a cameo, Joseph Schildkraut gives a malicious turn to Herod the Great. Warren William & Ian Keith as the two Caesars strive mightily with their characters and generally succeed. Irving Pichel is very effective in his understated role as Cleopatra's advisor, and Sir C. Aubrey Smith gives his usual first-rate performance as an elderly Roman general.

DeMille's splendour has more than stood the test of time!

Claudette Colbert as Cleopatra
Warren William as Julius Caesar
Henry Wilcoxon as Marc Antony
Joseph Schildkraut as King Herod
Ian Keith as Octavian
Gertrude Michael as Calpurnia
C. Aubrey Smith as Enobarbus
Irving Pichel as Apollodorus
Arthur Hohl as Brutus
Edwin Maxwell as Casca
Ian Maclaren as Cassius
Eleanor Phelps as Charmion, one of Cleopatra's servants
Leonard Mudie as Pothinos
Grace Durkin as Iras, another of Cleopatra's servants
Ferdinand Gottschalk as Glabrio (scenes deleted)
Claudia Dell as Octavia
Harry Beresford as Soothsayer
Jayne Regan as Lady Vesta
William Farnum as Lepidus
Lionel Belmore as Fidius
Florence Roberts as Lady Flora
Richard Alexander as General Philodemas
Celia Ryland as Lady Leda
William V. Mong as Court physician
Robert Warwick as General Achillas
George Walsh as Courier
Kenneth Gibson as Scribe
Wedgwood Nowell as Scribe
Bruce Warren as Scribe
Robert Seiter (Robert Manning) as Aelius
Edgar Dearing as Convict who tests the poison

DIRECTOR: Cecil B. DeMille
RUNNING TIME: 100 minutes

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